Luminous Ethereal

Subtle, ethereal.





We can imagine Luminous Ethereal as drops of dew in the sunlight. Most of all, it can be noticed in one’s aura or vibe. Luminous Ethereal is very ethereal, and along with Mermaid Ethereal, it makes the stereotypical and general concept of Ethereal which can be found on the Internet.

When Luminous Ethereal appears in one’s Ethereal combination, and the person is additionally a delicate or toned color type, we are dealing with softening the style assigned to expressive Kibbe body types (D, SD, TR, DC, G, FG, SG).

Luminous Ethereal representatives often prefer a very delicate make-up. There occurs a certain aversion to make-up foundations, concealers, and powders, the cosmetics that cover and strain the skin. Therefore, it is advised to apply the subtlest correcting make-up, or if the state of our skin allows, you can limit your make-up to solely accentuating the eyes and, if necessary, lips.

It is often (but not always) the case that luminous beauty can benefit from short (never sharply layered) hairstyles. There is one condition though; the facial features need to be delicate and harmonious (which often goes hand in hand with Luminous Ethereal).

When Luminous Ethereal strongly influences one’s personality, there appears a high level of sensitivity, subtleness, strong empathy, and altruism.

The color essences of Luminous Ethereal in its pure form are Light Summer and Light Spring.


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3 komentarzy

  1. chantel wensley 25 lutego, 2020 o 22:01 Odpowiedz

    i feel like i resonate with luminous ethereal the best, in the kibbe system i type as a soft natural, in a different system i type as an ethereal natural ingenue….and my color season is true autumn, so can I use this ethereal essence or would it not work for me? thanks for the guidance.

    • Moderator - Jonathan 26 lutego, 2020 o 10:38

      Hi Chantel :)!

      It all depends on how strongly Luminous E affects you and which Ethereal is stronger in your overall combination. With strong Luminous Ethereal you may be naturally prone to choose slightly lighter shadows from True Autumn’s palette, avoiding heavy makeup. As SN you might still look better with longer hair than Luminous pixie-hair.

  2. Danielle 23 listopada, 2020 o 16:45 Odpowiedz

    I’m really struggling with finding my strongest ethereal influence. I adore Luminous but my coloring is Autumn (trending toward dark autumn) with neutral to warm undertones in my very fair skin, and my Kibbe style most strongly represents TR. I most often find inspiration from both Crystal and French Ethereals but am also very drawn to Luminous and Mermaid. I don’t mind compartmentalizing my style from day to day, but my real question is whether someone with darker hair and warmer undertones could really pull off Luminous?

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