Eighteen beauty archetypes by Olga Brylińska.

The author of Ethereal typology, Olga Brylińska, bases her Kibbe body type diagnoses on the book written by David Kibbe, “Metamorphosis.” Since writing the book, Kibbe has changed his views many times and now completely strays from being true to his book and refuses to pay attention to the body (including height) first and foremost. Physical structure is an enormously important factor in defining one’s body type. Our facial features, on the other hand, are too complex and do not usually match the faces described by Kibbe. The vibe is simply not enough. You can dress for your aura, but your figure needs accurate cuts and lines to look its best.

If your body matches the description of a particular Kibbe body type but your face does not fit in, and you don’t feel so delicate as to be Soft Classic or Romantic, or you don’t think a Flamboyant Gamine extravagance is appropriate in your case, then Ethereal typology is for you. It modifies your Kibbe style to your aura and your individual beauty so that you can be your authentic self.

Ethereal typology was created by Olga Brylińska and is based on her experience working with hundreds of clients who could not find themselves in any of the thirteen Kibbe body types. Ethereals are very intuitive because they describe our aura. The typology allows to modify the styles assigned to Kibbe body types, and should only be used in combination with our diagnosed Kibbe body type to create our own, most genuine and unique image.

Then what are Ethereals exactly? What are their essential style elements? How to adapt them to our style, preferences and our Kibbe body type? The subpages dedicated to Ethereals are here to answer those very questions. There are eighteen types of Ethereal (every type of Ethereal has its own style direction), and every person possesses at least two of them.

Many different beauty essences appear on various websites dedicated to Kibbe body typology: there is a general term of Ethereal (soft, romantic, ethereal vibe), Angelic (angelic vibe) and Ingenue (youthful vibe). Prior to developing Ethereal typology, Olga Brylińska published two articles on Angelic and Ingenue. They make the perfect beginner’s reading before starting to look into types of Ethereal and are highly recommended, even though some information is no longer relevant.

Primarily, Ethereal typology explains why a pure overall style assigned to our Kibbe body type will not be entirely appropriate for us. There are over seven billion people on our planet. Is it really possible that we represent only thirteen beauty types? Such doubts are evident to those of us who come in contact with Kibbe’s typology for the first time.

Our physiques are in fact recurrent. However, our facial features and a general concept of beauty often do not match any of the thirteen Kibbe body types. Therefore, it is justified to assume that we possess additional elements in our beauty and aura which influence our entire appearance, and consequently, should be reflected in our personal style.

It can be empirically proven that the analysis based solely on Kibbe typology is not enough to truly visualize the full extent of one’s styling potential.

Ethereals are archetypes and types of beauty, and, at the same time, additional beauty aspects that need to be combined with our Kibbe body type. We can perceive them as Photoshop layers modifying the final picture: our appearance. Ethereals influence the outlines and colors of that picture. Flashes of different Ethereals in one’s face and vibe are often visible to the naked eye, and can also be captured in photographs. Photography is a fantastic tool to read Ethereals. It is no coincidence that celebrities’ stylists often use photos taken during fittings to ultimately decide on the best outfits for their clients.

Below there are some photo breakdowns of the described Ethereal flashes.

Ethereals are enormously important beauty aspects. Thanks to them, the Kibbe body type verdict is no longer a restriction, but a beginning of getting to know ourselves better, and great fun. Of course, some boundaries have to be set.

The clothes’ cuts and lines must always stay true to our Kibbe body type. However, the details and decorative elements (i.e. jewelry, accessories, patterns, trims, necklines, etc.), hairstyles and make-up are subject to modification according to our own Ethereals. In other words, our body receives the most favorable cuts taken from Kibbe typology, and many other style details can be adapted according to a given Ethereal’s (or Ethereals) style.  

We can have more than one type of Ethereal. There are no unusual combinations, even if your Kibbe body type and a given type of Ethereal seem to be complete opposites. One’s overall combination means that Ethereals are put in a hierarchy. It looks, for example, like this: Gamine + French Ethereal + Mermaid Ethereal + Crimson Ethereal (if you have more Ethereals, the list keeps going). It is worth to bear in mind how important is the order of Ethereals in our personal combination. The farther the Ethereal is in our combination, the weaker is its power to modify our style. Usually, only the first two Ethereals will be dominant. Others in the hierarchy may perform different and very particular functions, such as influencing our color type or individual preferences regarding our image.

There is no way of accumulating the essences assigned to specific Ethereals; essences being Innocent, Ingenue, Youthful and Noble. For example, if we possess a few Ethereals that contain Innocent, it does not mean that our Innocent level is extremely high.

As Ethereal typology is revealed, the perception of Kibbe body types and its styles changes radically. Experience shows that not all Gamines will look good in stripes, minimalism will not do marvels to every Classic woman, and not every Flamboyant Gamine can pull off extravagance.

On the other hand, some people do benefit from applying the unmodified Kibbe style. It means they possess Ethereals that are already included in their Kibbe body type. If a Soft Natural has strong Slavic and Moon Ethereal influences (without other disturbing influences), it means their beauty is very consistent and such person does not need many modifications in Soft Natural’s style. Those people can apply a pure Kibbe style. However, more often than not, it is necessary to separate and define one’s Ethereals.

The information on the Ethereal subpages is a specification of their most essential style elements and a reflection of their general vibe via image and sound. Ethereals are introduced in its pure and undisturbed form. It is important to remember that our ultimate, unique and matching personal style is the outcome of several Ethereals combined. They are never separate entities; they work as a whole with each other and with our Kibbe body type. The readers may and should not identify themselves with every guideline presented on the Ethereal subpages. More detailed style recommendations regarding one’s style should be analyzed individually.

Ethereal typology is a breakdown of female beauty archetypes observed and depicted by painters, poets, writers through ages, and nowadays by photographers, fashion designers, directors of movies and ads.

Ethereal typology presents as follows (in alphabetical order):

Personality traits assigned to some Ethereals are not any indication or suggestion. It is advised to remember that our psyche is incredibly complex, and various factors influence who we are.

The board with mini-collages presents Ethereals in the order from lightest Ethereals to darkest.

Alabaster Ethereal | Crimson Ethereal | Crystal Ethereal
Energetic Ethereal | Fairytale Ethereal | French Ethereal
Luminous Ethereal | Mahogany Ethereal | Mermaid Ethereal
Moon Ethereal | Rose Ethereal | Royal Ethereal
Slavic Ethereal | Sparkly Ethereal | Star Ethereal
Sun Ethereal | Wild Ethereal | Wind Ethereal



















All rights reserved by Olga Brylińska.

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  1. Emi 25 kwietnia, 2018 o 14:00 Odpowiedz

    Hi, I’ve been wondering for a while if you can mix Ethereals in one outfit or if you need to wear them separately. If I wear romantic rose print on my shirt and put a leather jacket on: will it count as Rose + Crimson/Wind? And where the camo print goes, to the Wild one? And then the lately trendy holo shine – I thought it’s a Mermaid cuz it’s kinda cool and dreamy and sparkly but maybe it’s Sparkly?

    • Bims C(FE, KryE, RE)+ GE/DW 18 maja, 2020 o 00:48

      As far as I know the Wind Ethereal is connected with Cool Summer type.

    • Moderator - lothlorien 10 czerwca, 2021 o 08:39

      Hi! I don’t think there are any, but Olga pins a lot of images on her Pinterest, so please check there 🙂

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