Ingenue – Youthful & Innocent


Ingenue - Youthful & Innocent

Women of girlish beauty.

The word “ingenue” derives its etymological origins from ancient Latin. However, the most appropriate translation regarding beauty types comes from Spanish and Italian. Ingenuo in both those languages means someone simple, naive, innocent and honest. Who is the person exemplifying all of the mentioned traits? Someone very young, of course. Ingenue as the essence and element of female beauty stands for girlish appearance, no less.

Nonetheless, it is not right to generalize and assign a few inseparable attributes to the Ingenue essence. We must take into consideration that girlish appearance can manifest in different ways. Childlike aspect of beauty can be indicated by facial features as well as mimics, and in particular by the smile. Therefore, Ingenue should be divided into two components, as its translation indicates. The first element is Innocent and the second is Youthful. Both elements of Ingenue can occur together as well as solo, influencing various beauty types in different ways. What is interesting, they can also be combined with one of two components of Angelic: Ethereal or Noble.

The division mentioned above perfectly describes how Ingenue works. Not every woman’s girlish face emanates restrained innocence. Very often girlishness is expressed in a more playful and flirty way. That is why Ingenue should be perceived not as a whole, but as a group of certain features that do not necessarily appear simultaneously.

There are two concepts regarding the Ingenue essence. One of them assumes that there is another beauty type that David Kibbe’s concept of body types lacks in. Supposedly, the D answers (in Kibbe’s body type test) account for the whole separate beauty type that would be called Ingenue. The face and body would be characteristic to D answers. Girlishness, then, would go hand in hand with delicate, feminine physique. Representatives of this beauty type would be of light coloring, and usually blonde.

It is amusing that those exemplary blondes are not, in fact, natural blondes. Also, their body types can just as well be assigned to other Yin body types.

The more sensible and realistic theory assumes that Ingenue can appear in every physiognomical beauty type and its impact is related especially to facial features and aura.

It is thoroughly ridiculous to recommend girly-romantic style from head to toe to every woman with Ingenue influence.

Let’s imagine Charlize Theron wearing frills, dots, and bows. She would look downright silly. Her body type can only be Flamboyant Natural. And her face? It’s enough to look at the photo below.



Charlize Theron is sometimes diagnosed as a Theatrical Romantic. That is another of Kibbe’s typology many falsifications. A woman who is tall and has very androgenic constitution cannot be assigned to a romantic beauty type. Stills from the movie “Snow White and the Huntsman,” presented below, prove that Charlize is not a Theatrical Romantic. The actress plays Queen Ravenna, and certainly does not look ideal. The excess of ornaments is overpowering. Admittedly, as an actress and generally a very attractive woman, she looks interesting. But what woman would like to hear that she looks only “interesting”? Regardless of carrying a crown or a scarf on her head. The royal characterization should compliment the beauty of an actual Theatrical Romantic woman. In the case of Charlize Theron, nothing of sorts happens.



Below there is another proof that Theatrical Romantic style is not the best option for Charlize Theron.



In some cases, Charlize’s beauty shows prominent Flamboyant Natural features. It is no coincidence that she was chosen to play the lead role in the “Monster.” Proper characterization was enough to make girlish charm disappear. It wouldn’t be that simple and authentic if, instead of Charlize, they picked Jennifer Love Hewitt (Theatrical Romantic) or Jennifer Lopez (Romantic), for example.



Charlize Theron receiving an Oscar for her role in “Monster” was styled so dully that she almost resembled the character she played in the movie. Here is how an overly romantic look can be unfortunate for a Flamboyant Natural woman with strong Ingenue influence. Her romantic retro hairstyle and evening make-up certainly do not do her beauty any favors.



First and foremost, the Ingenue essence should not be disturbed. It is very sensitive to unsuitable outfits and styling. Only one little mistake can make girlishness disappear in a second.

Below there are pictures of a strong, girly-faced Flamboyant Natural woman accurately styled and dressed so as not to overwhelm Ingenue, and at the same time, the clothes are flattering to her slim body.



Last but not least, here is the picture of a small woman standing beside a very overgrown “girl.” Amanda Seyfried (160 cm or 5′ 2.5”) is a Romantic with Ethereal influence (Ethereal makes it hard to call Amanda a sex bomb because her beauty is delicate and fragile). Charlize Theron (177 cm or 5′ 9.5”) is a Flamboyant Natural with strong Ingenue influence.


Identifying innocent, girly face is simple. Women with doll faces do not emanate romantic sex appeal. Their unique charm is, in fact, subtlety and innocence. Take a look at Michelle Pfeiffer, Pola Raksa (Polish actress), or Gemma Ward to understand how a strong Innocent influence manifests itself.



Michelle Pfeiffer is a Dramatic Classic. We can find some Dramatic characteristics in her facial features. However, the overall impression one gets from looking at her face is a primarily girlish charm. How does the comparison with Diane Kruger look? They are of similar coloring and have the same Kibbe body type. In such cases, the beauty is usually quite similar. But, where there is Ingenue influence involved (in the case of Michelle, Innocent is dominant, Youthful is minor), everything changes.

Wavy, messy lob is a perfect hairstyle for Michelle. Diane, however, should avoid such hairstyles (usually all Dramatic Classic women should).


Gemma Ward has been gifted with an even more extraordinary beauty. This Australian model (178 cm or 5′ 10”) is a Flamboyant Natural, and her face is certainly not suitable for this body type. Such unique facial features come from Innocent and Ethereal combined.

Below, Gemma Ward as a Flamboyant Natural. In comparison to Anja Rubik (Dramatic), Gemma’s body is stronger, and her arms and face are much broader. Innocent and Ethereal are not very apparent in the pictures below. Flamboyant Natural is dominant.






However, just take a look at the close-up to see an entirely different aspect of Gemma’s beauty. Comparison to Claudia Schiffer, a typical representative of Flamboyant Natural, shows how do additional essences influence the facial features. The physique matches a Flamboyant Natural body type, and the face does not fit the FN description.



If girlish beauty is suitably styled, androgenic body type takes secondary importance. In the pictures above Flamboyant Natural is dominant. Still, Gemma sitting on a swing most likely resembles a Soft Gamine than the type she actually is.


Lily Cole’s features have also been influenced by the unique combination of Innocent and Ethereal. These two elements have a similar effect on Gemma and Lily. Incredibly strong Innocent combined with Ethereal does not occur often.



Below, there is a great photo shoot with Lily Cole: “Little Girl & Boy Lost,” by Annie Leibovitz (Vogue 2009). The “little girl” is 179 cm (or 5′ 10.5”) tall. The witch in the pictures is Lady Gaga; she clearly does not possess Ingenue or Ethereal.

Lily_Cole_Lady_Gaga (1)

Lily_Cole_Lady_Gaga (2)

Lily_Cole_Lady_Gaga (3)

Lily_Cole_Lady_Gaga (4)

Lily_Cole_Lady_Gaga (5)

Lily_Cole_Lady_Gaga (6)

Ingenue can also mark its presence in a less obvious way. Girlish vibe stands not only for delicate features. Dollface is not the sole determinant of childlike charm. Woman’s beauty can be girly and delightful, even when her facial features are a little sharper. In such cases, the Youthful element comes forward. Innocent is still present but is not prevailing anymore.

The smile and laughter of women with dominant Youthful (and with Innocent still present) are disarming and sparkly in an almost childish way. Of course, the girlish charm exists not only in the facial expressions. Such kind of beauty emanates this particular girly aura which stands in contrast to romantic vibes. The direct sex appeal is replaced by the playful charm and lovely appearance.

Carey Mulligan’s beauty is just that kind of charming. Her face is hardly doll-like. Despite this, her beauty is nothing if not girly. “The Great Gatsby” styling is enormously flattering to Carey’s features.

Carey Mulligan


Carey Mulligan is a Gamine. However, because of Ingenue, it is hard to perceive her as a typical tomboy. If Youthful combines with Innocent (doesn’t matter which one is dominant), we are dealing with girlish beauty. In the case of Youthful standing alone, androgenic vibe increases and “tomboy” becomes the right term.

Carey Mulligan opposite Kate Mara perfectly depicts this theory. Both ladies are Gamines, but their faces have distinctive vibes. The picture below represents a girl vs. a tomboy.




Comparison to a Dramatic woman is even more evident. Carey Mulligan (170 cm or 5′ 7”) with Keira Knightley (the same height): Gamine with Ingenue influence versus Dramatic. Keira’s smile is not especially delightful or disarming. The assets of Dramatic women are very different and contrasting to Gamine.



Contrary to Harriet McJimsey’s theory, the unruly Ingenue essence likes to occur in various beauty types. It is not only and exclusively related to D answers in Kibbe’s test. Inexplicably, it fancies women with androgenic body types; besides Soft Gamine, where the faces are exceptionally influenced by Ingenue and the body is not very androgenic.

Another example of a strong stature with Ingenue influence is, yet again, a Flamboyant Natural. Similarly to Carey Mulligan (Gamine), Julia Roberts’ beauty is marked by Youthful dominance. Innocent is secondary; however, its presence is also very apparent and significant. At first glance, Julia’s face is not as girly as Charlize Theron’s. That is because Julia is influenced more by the Dramatic element of her beauty. However, there is no doubt that the charismatic charm of Julia Roberts is incredibly powerful.

julia roberts_ingenue_youthful




“Mirror Mirror” movie characterization successfully lets us see the Dramatic aspect of Julia’s features. Girlishness is hidden behind the costume, the make-up and the hairstyle. Once again, it is proven that Ingenue is particularly delicate and can be easily overwhelmed.



It doesn’t take a movie costume, however, to lose the fragile Ingenue essence. Below, Julia Roberts as Dramatic, Soft Classic and Theatrical Romantic respectively.



All it takes is an outfit properly cut for Flamboyant Natural’s physique, combined with girly hairstyle and appropriate make-up, to let Julia Roberts’ mature beauty thrive. Her looks below are breathtaking. Sheer perfection.


Those outfits are not girly, but subtle enough that they don’t overpower Julia’s beauty. There are no distractions near her face, and her slim, slender silhouette is accentuated in the right way. Light and fresh colors are not insignificant either.

Pictures of Julia Roberts and her niece, Emma Roberts (she played i.e. in the third part of “American Horror Story”) are an interesting research material. Emma is 157 cm (or 5′ 1.5”) and a quite exemplary Flamboyant Gamine type. Her beauty is theoretically closer to being girly than Julia’s (Flamboyant Natural, 175 cm or 5′ 8” tall). But it is precisely her aunt Julia, a whole generation older than Emma, who emanates the girly vibe. Emma’s beauty is far more androgenic. Young age or being a Gamine group representative does not change that fact. Youthful appearing solo influences woman’s beauty very differently from full Ingenue (Youthful + Innocent or Innocent + Youthful).





Then, Shirley MacLaine (Flamboyant Natural with very strong Ingenue influence) joins Julia and Emma on the red carpet. We move another generation back and what do we see? Shirley MacLaine, age 81, is still girlish. Not age, nor wrinkles could erase Ingenue from her face. Of course, its impact has weakened over the years, but it is still very apparent.


With age, it is inevitable that Ingenue influence declines. Every beauty type gradually moves towards more androgenic features. It depends on the power of Ingenue and individual facial features whether this particular essence will be preserved for a long time. Energetic Youthful is the most resistant to the passage of time. In turn, the typical doll-like beauty is visible mainly in Soft Gamine women, regardless of their age. Innocent and Youthful are remarkably intense in this beauty type. Innocent faces of other beauty types often change over the years. The Innocent essence occurring solo is very susceptible to the passage of time.

The delicate beauty of Pola Raksa (strong Innocent influence at a young age) moved towards Classic direction pretty quickly.



Now, Danuta Szaflarska’s face (Youthful is dominant and Innocent secondary) was once much less doll-like but very girly nonetheless. She, on the other hand, possesses the Ingenue charm to this day. Youthful, disarming smile accompanies her constantly.





Barbara Krafftówna’s photo is the last one in this article. Her Ingenue is electrifying, and her sparkly temperament goes hand in hand with an astounding beauty. Barbara still looks like a girl. That’s incredible!


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