Angelic – Ethereal & Noble


Angelic - Ethereal & Noble

Women of angelic beauty.


Is it possible for an ordinary woman to represent angelic beauty? How do we imagine the luminous, heavenly beings? Slim silhouette, intriguing face, piercing yet distant gaze, airiness, and nobleness all at the same time. These are the features that make the Angelic essence of beauty. In its pure form, Angelic seems to be something out-of-touch and unreal. Women with an Angelic aspect of beauty do not emanate sex appeal nor girlish charm in an obvious way. Their aura is light, mysterious and remarkably exceptional among ordinary people. Exceptional but possible.

Angelic comprises of two elements that can either function together or solo. They are Ethereal and Noble. They can influence various beauty types and occur in unique combinations with Ingenue and Romantic. Women with an Angelic essence (Ethereal and/or Noble) can look very different from one another. Their appearance depends on their physiognomical body type, the intensity of the element and what other beauty essences are involved.

The most angel-like beauty is typical for Dramatic women possessing full Angelic. However, the word “angelic” does not, in any case, mean a sweet girl with blonde curls. Merging of Dramatic and Angelic provides a combination of aristocratic appearance with ethereal, elusive aura. Actresses who represent this rare beauty type are often involved in unique projects and roles.

Who could be more perfect for the role of an angel if not Tilda Swinton? Her androgynous beauty (androgynous is a quite balanced combination of male and female features, unlike androgenic, which means an influence of male features) is ideal for depicting those noble and winged creatures. Tilda’s hermaphrodite role of Angel Gabriel in “Constantine” is an excellent indication of her powerful Angelic (Ethereal and Noble are equally strong).



We can see another, more ethereal aspect of Tilda Swinton’s beauty in “The Chronicles of Narnia.” White Witch, played by Tilda, combines Dramatic power with ethereal subtlety.


Cate Blanchett is another actress that possesses both Dramatic and Angelic beauty features. Here, the two Angelic components are of different intensity than in Tilda Swinton’s case. Cate’s beauty is not that androgynous. Her facial features are softer and fuller. Ethereal takes dominance over Noble (although Noble is still very evident).

Below, noble Cate as Queen Elizabeth.



The Ethereal aspect of Cate’s beauty is well-known to all of us. No other actress could portray Galadriel with such perfection. Cate Blanchett was irreplaceable in that role.



Cate Blanchett’s beauty is intimidating and hypnotizing. Even a very short haircut does not take away from her magic charm. Dramatic beauty type with strong Angelic influence can also be very alluring and sensual in a certain way. There is no sign of coquetry in Cate’s seductive gaze. It is mysterious and compelling.


Gisele Bundchen, a Brazilian model, also represents Dramatic body type with strong Angelic influence. Her height (180 cm or 5′ 10”) and slightly androgynous, oblong face surrounded by a gorgeous blonde mane, do not indicate any kind of sweet angel. As a model working for Victoria’s Secret, she certainly stood out. Dressing up as one of the Angels was not an appropriate styling for Gisele’s beauty. Had she been an actress, we would probably have watched her on the big screen playing comparable roles to Tilda Swinton’s or Cate Blanchett’s. It is a pity that Gisele’s career took a different turn.





There is a strong influence of Angelic in Uma Thurman’s beauty as well. This time, Ethereal and Noble meet a Soft Dramatic body type. Diva with an angelic face is an unexpected combination. As a young girl, Uma was very self-conscious about her looks: too tall, too thin, too long a nose, prominent cheekbones, oblong face. As you can see, canons of beauty dictated to us have nothing to do with real female beauty, which is of various shapes, sizes, and aspects.




Givenchy made Uma Thurman the face of Ange ou Demon perfume. Is it merely a coincidence? Androgenic beauty type combined with an Angelic essence. A demon? No. An angel.



Angelic, in its pure and intense form, often fuses with another quite androgenic beauty type, Flamboyant Natural. Astonishing beauty of Robin Wright is like wine. Forrest Gump’s girlfriend had many admirers. Francis Underwood’s wife can intimidate women younger than her by a whole generation. The beauty of women with Angelic influence becomes more intriguing and exciting as they age. It is particularly the case with the Ethereal and Noble combination.




In 1989, a woman with no less than strong Ethereal influence became Miss World. She was shining among other candidates for the title. When she gracefully walked the stage in a stunning violet dress, she looked like an angel. Delicate, ethereal, slightly distant. Regardless of the verdict’s political aspect, Aneta Kręglicka was without a doubt the most beautiful contestant for Miss World.



Aneta Kręglicka represents a Soft Natural type. Robin Wright’s beauty is dominated by Noble (Ethereal is secondary). In Aneta Kręglicka’s physiognomy, Ethereal is very evident and Noble non-existent. Of course, along with Ethereal, there is a Romantic aspect to Aneta’s beauty as well (as is common among Soft Naturals).



We can see similar jaw outlines, eye spacing, and lip shapes. Narrower eyes and nose in Robin Wright’s face indicate Noble. Big, glassy, blue eyes of Aneta Kręglicka signal Ethereal influence. It is important to keep in mind, however, that not all women with big, light eyes will be of ethereal beauty. The Ethereal essence can be recognized by a general aura that surrounds a person. It is quite often related to light and low-contrast color types.


When Ethereal fuses with Natural body type, we depart from the simple “angelic” description of beauty. Bryce Dallas Howard would not play the roles of an angel, an elf or a fairy. Her beauty can be associated more with mythological creatures connected to nature, such as Dryad, a tree and forest goddess, or Nereid, a sea nymph. These are the right connotations to describe a Natural with Ethereal influence (Noble is non-existent).






The combination of Ethereal and Romantic beauty aspects make for an entirely different effect. Amanda Seyfried was made for romantic looks. In her case, the word “romantic” can be properly understood at last. It is an ethereal, feminine beauty with subtle aura.




The most unusual combination is an Ethereal beauty with Classic beauty. While in Soft Classic body type Ethereal can often fuse with Romantic (the effect being similar to Amanda Seyfried’s combination), in Classic body type it rarely ever occurs. Also, regardless of the body type, the Ethereal essence appearing solo is quite susceptible to the passage of time.

Young Catherine Deneuve played a schizophrenic murderer, Carol Ledoux, in Roman Polański’s “Repulsion.” The incredible beauty of the actress compliments her outstanding acting skills. Catherine Deneuve’s face looks as if from another dimension, and the madness in her distant gaze is terrifying and fascinating at the same time. Is it just her acting, blonde hair, and light eyes?




Angelic is not very fond of Dramatic Classic body type. It much prefers fusing with pure Dramatic. However, it does sometimes happen that even Miss Elegance needs a few feathers.

Kristin Scott Thomas’ image in “The English Patient” is a combination of Dramatic Classic and Ethereal and Noble. Classic, sharp beauty influenced slightly by Angelic becomes more sophisticated and subtle. In such cases, it is favorable to apply a few soft elements and lines to our minimalistic elegance. The face also looks better surrounded by curly or wavy hairstyles.




Outside of the movie set, Kristin’s beauty also seems to be more delicate than her physiognomical type indicates.



Because Angelic likes to fuse with androgenic beauty types, a Flamboyant Gamine woman should also join the abovementioned angelic celebrities. Kate Moss is a woman of a hundred faces. Her silhouette is an exemplary Flamboyant Gamine, and her unique features indicate Angelic as well as Ingenue. Such combination results in a very distinct, almost unparalleled beauty.

Below, three pictures show the Ethereal aspect of Kate Moss’ beauty (there is also an evident Innocent essence in the third photo).




Creating a wardrobe with Ethereal in mind is quite tricky and confusing. Women with Angelic influence (Ethereal and/or Noble) need to apply some modifications to their Kibbe type’s style. It is sometimes enough to accentuate Ethereal vibe with longer, flowing hairstyle and luminous make-up with a focus on the eyes (delicate or stronger smokey eye). The sublime dresses from Elie Saab fashion show are not always practical and are definitely not the best choice for androgenic body types. With less feminine physiques it is better to wear furry details, fringe or boa feathers (in the evening gowns).

It is important to remember that every Ethereal beauty, regardless of the physiognomical type, likes light colors, shine, and smooth surfaces. Of course, these elements are not a must. It all depends on whether we feel like looking out of this world or whether we would prefer to give in to gravity.

Below, there is an utterly prosaic Kate Moss as a rebellious Flamboyant Gamine. Angelic hairstyle overcomes the sharp image. As you can see, wearing airy fabrics when you possess Ethereal is not always necessary to look good.


Anna German is the last star of the article. It is no coincidence that she was called the White Angel. Dramatic body type fuses with a powerful Ethereal influence. Noble is secondary, which is very unusual for Dramatic women. Anna German’s beauty was not at all hermaphrodite.

Feminine etherealness, great personality, and angelic voice. She was without a doubt a very exceptional and beautiful person.

Anna German – “Tańczące Eurydyki” (Opole, 1964)

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